It’s Stitch Fix unboxing day! Not gonna lie, doing the unboxing video is nerve-wracking. I have to get it right the first time because showing you the unboxing after messing up an unboxing really doesn’t work 🙂 On top of that, I have Audrie staring at me the entire time. That kid loves YouTube videos of people playing with toys (seriously, that’s a thing) so she’s amazed that mom’s putting videos on YouTube. Some day she’ll realize mom’s not that impressive but for now I’ll just let her keep thinking I’m cool.

Audrie wanted me to mention in the video that she had her last day of Kindergarten this week. That didn’t really fit well with the unboxing so I’ll mention it on here instead. I have a 1st grader on my hands, it’s insane she’s that old.

Onto the video.

Definitely not sure about a few of the shirts but I’ll give them a chance. Stay tuned for the review post!

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Stitch Fix Unboxing - June 2016 -

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