Not Your Mommy’s Lasagna

I’ve never made traditional lasagna. I know it probably isn’t but it just looks like a lot of work. I like eating a good lasagna as much as the next person, just please don’t ask me to make it. I’m sure I’ll break down at some point but, for now, I’m sticking with lasagna-like dinners that are made in the skillet. I prefer mixing over layering. This dish is a twist on the traditional lasagna and is definitely one we’ll be making again very soon.

Not Your Mommy's Lasagna -

A couple weeks ago we tried this Skillet Lasagna I featured in Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #10. It was good and very simple but there was just something about it that just wasn’t quite right. It very possibly could’ve been the kind of cheese ravioli (more…)

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #13

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! I sincerely hope you are all spending the day with the ones you love and being pampered the way you deserve. If you have a suspicion your children/spouse/significant other hasn’t picked out anything for you yet, feel free to leave Gifts for Her You Haven’t Thought Of open on your computer as a little hint.

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #13 -

As I said last week, I’m working on some new ideas for meal posts but there hasn’t been time for much brainstorming this week. I went back to the gym this week and the baby (more…)

Stitch Fix Review – May 2016

It’s Fix review day! This Fix made me happy because it included summer dresses which means the warmer weather is just around the corner. It was sunny and 70 in KC today, which is darn near perfect. Preparations to open the neighborhood pool are underway which Audrie has pointed out every time we’ve passed it today (she’s more than a little excited).


Did you check out the unboxing video I did for this Fix? Videos are scary and really not me but I’m trying to step out of my box, pun intended. 🙂 Not sure how Stitch Fix works? (more…)

Stitch Fix Unboxing – May 2016

I made a video (ahhhhhh!!!) for my May 2016 Stitch Fix unboxing. Don’t judge my clothes and/or the fact I have a hat on. Ideally I wouldn’t have done this after a long day running errands, working in the yard, etc. (you know, typical Saturday stuff) but, alas, that’s what we’ve got. I’ll try to do better next time 🙂

Stay tuned for the Review post!

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Stitch Fix Unboxing - May 2016 -

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #12

This week wasn’t quite as nuts but, wow, I feel like we should have a small party to celebrate the survival of each week. And by ‘celebration,’ I mean uninterrupted sleep 🙂 We’ve started t-ball practice but games don’t start for another few weeks so we have a little lull until that happens. We’re still managing to find plenty to do, as you can imagine, but hopefully we’ll have more time to try out these meals this week.

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #12 -

This week we made the Skillet Lasagna I shared in Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #10. It was good but, I think we can make a few tweaks that will make it even better. Stay (more…)

Gifts for Her You Haven’t Thought Of

You have 2 weeks until Mother’s Day, the clock is ticking. Do you know what you’re getting the special mom(s) in your life? Those of you that are mothers, are you tired of getting the same old Mother’s Day gifts or *gasp* nothing at all? Are you looking to give a friendly nudge to someone as to what to get you? Look no further!

Gifts for Her You Haven't Thought Of -

Fortunately for me, I chose the best gift-giving husband ever. Really, he’s amazing at gift giving. Birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversary, Christmas, he’s got it all covered. He’s always thinking outside the box, (more…)

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #11

When this is posted, I’ll be livin’ it up at the school carnival. No, no, don’t be jealous. Not everybody can spend their Friday night at an elementary school carnival, just cool people like me 🙂 On a serious note, by the time you see this, the carnival will be almost over and I’ll be a happy mamma.

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #11 -

Because I’m writing and scheduling this post earlier than normal in the week, we haven’t tried any of the meals from Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #10 yet. We plan to, but (more…)

Cheesy Mexican Cornbread Bake

Last week we made the Cheesy Taco Bake I shared in Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #9. We liked it but thought it could be improved so we made it tonight with a few changes and it was a success. We’ll definitely be making this one again.

Cheesy Mexican Cornbread Bake -

First, preheat the oven to 400 degrees and start your meat browning. While that’s going, mix the 2 boxes of cornbread as directed on the box (more…)

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #10

Yay, we all survived another week! This week I have Asian, Mexican, and Italian-inspired meals. I’m very cultured. Just kidding, I just like to eat and don’t discriminate as to where it comes from 🙂

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #10 -

This week was busy but not quite as crazy as the past few so that was nice. We made all (more…)

How to Get Started Paying Your Student Loans

The student loan (cue the horror movie music). The dreaded debt I want so badly to ignore but just can’t. Not a day goes by I don’t log in and see how much interest has accumulated since my last payment and figure out if there’s a way I can squeeze another payment in to knock it down. I’m slightly obsessed with getting rid of it right now.

How to Get Started Paying Your Student Loans -

I got out of undergrad with a small amount of debt thanks to Missouri’s A+ program and scholarships. Law school, that was a different story. While my debt isn’t near what some others have, any debt (more…)

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