Last year, I included this cake in my 10 Easy Easter Cakes post. This Peter Rabbit Cake from Taste of Home really is just as easy as they say it is. Trust me, I’m no master cake decorator. Same as everything else I post, if I can make it, so can you.

Easter Bunny Cake -

First, bake your cake per the directions on the box in 2 9-inch round pans. After they’ve cooled completely, you can go to work getting them shaped like a bunny.

One of the rounds will be your bunny’s head. You won’t do any cutting on it. The other round will be cut to be both the bunny’s bowtie and ears. Start by cutting one arched side off of the non-head round cake. That’s your first ear. You can use that ear as the outline to cut your second ear. What’s left in the middle will be the tie. It will fit snugly up against the head cake.

Easter Bunny Cake - Easter Bunny Cake -

The middle of my bow tie crumbled a bit but it’ll be covered in icing so it won’t matter. I don’t have a platter big enough to put this cake on so I simply cut up a cardboard box and covered it with foil.

Next, put icing on the top and sides of the cake and sprinkle coconut on the face and ears. I used about 1 1/4 cans of store bought icing. I didn’t measure the coconut but bought one bag and had more than enough. I had to kind’ve push the coconut onto the sides to get it to stay. There was a lot of coconut on the cake ‘platter’ so I had to use a brush to get it off.

Easter Bunny Cake -

To color the coconut for the ears red, simply put some coconut in a plastic bag with some red food coloring and shake it up. Same to make the green coconut to decorate the ‘platter.’ Again, I didn’t measure the coconut for this, just put some in the bag to color.

I used a tube of black gel icing for the eyes, mouth, and whiskers but you could also use black licorice strings. The gel icing is tricky because it wants to stick to the coconut so you have to go very slowly. Use jellybeans for the eyes and nose and be creative with decorating the tie. Here’s the finished masterpiece!

Easter Bunny Cake -

Happy Easter!

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