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Easy Homemade Marinara

You know how people always say homemade is better than store-bought? I wish this weren’t true but it really is. Do we always make fresh homemade spaghetti sauce? Um, no. But, when we have a few extra minutes, this homemade marinara is definitely worth the effort. And, added bonus when we have our own fresh basil to use!

Easy Homemade Marinara

Please believe me when I say this marinara can be made by anyone, easily. From start to finish, it’ll take you (more…)

Not Your Mommy’s Lasagna

I’ve never made traditional lasagna. I know it probably isn’t but it just looks like a lot of work. I like eating a good lasagna as much as the next person, just please don’t ask me to make it. I’m sure I’ll break down at some point but, for now, I’m sticking with lasagna-like dinners that are made in the skillet. I prefer mixing over layering. This dish is a twist on the traditional lasagna and is definitely one we’ll be making again very soon.

Not Your Mommy's Lasagna -

A couple weeks ago we tried this Skillet Lasagna I featured in Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals #10. It was good and very simple but there was just something about it that just wasn’t quite right. It very possibly could’ve been the kind of cheese ravioli (more…)

Classic Spaghetti Carbonara

At our house, we like bacon…like a lot. If we can add bacon to something, we do (see Tomato-Bacon Guacamole). For us, Spaghetti Carbonara = Bacon Spaghetti. Yeah, sometimes we get fancy and use pancetta instead of bacon but here’s a secret, I like the bacon version better. I’m high class like that 🙂

Classic Spaghetti carbonara -

We have this meal a lot (more…)