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Fun ideas and crafts for Valentine’s Day

Crayon Heart Valentines

Crayon Valentine Cover

Seriously, how is it I’ve never melted crayons into shapes before???? Audrie was soooooooo excited about this and it was really, really easy. Not joking, really easy.

After the fun of making the Mailbox Valentine’s Box, making these crayon valentines was a breeze. We looked for valentines at the store but the stock was pretty picked over. She can’t take any kind of food or candy, so that limits the options. We hit Pinterest and found these crayon heart-shaped valentines from The Nerd’s Wife.

Short list of supplies for this project:

  1. Silicone mold of your choice
  2. Crayons
  3. Card stock
  4. Glue gun or some other type of adhesive


Valentine’s Mailbox


First thing’s first, BIG thanks to the hubby for making my page pretty. He’s an awesomely talented guy.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day which means my inner craft geek gets to come out! Part of me gets really excited about this and part of me thinks it sounds like a lot of work. Luckily, Audrie and I were able to agree on a creative yet not-too-much-work box.

We searched Pinterest high and low. There were Pony and Minion boxes but we both liked this mailbox. I got the idea from this Little Red Window post. Her how-to is really good so if you’re going to make this box, I highly recommend you follow her instructions. If you want some pointers on what not to do, read on. I’m very happy with our finished product but I guarantee ours took more time and more coats of paint than hers. Here’s what we ended up with.

Valentine's Mailbox - Easy cardboard mailbox Valentine's box! -

Quick list of supplies needed:

  1. 2 cardboard boxes of somewhat similar size
  2. Blue spray paint or acrylic paint
  3. Tape, hot glue, or some other adhesive
  4. USPS printables (found through Google)