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Easter Bunny Cake

Last year, I included this cake in my 10 Easy Easter Cakes post. This Peter Rabbit Cake from Taste of Home really is just as easy as they say it is. Trust me, I’m no master cake decorator. Same as everything else I post, if I can make it, so can you.

Easter Bunny Cake -

First, bake your cake per the directions on the box in 2 9-inch round pans. After they’ve (more…)

Microwaveable Peeps S’mores

It’s that time of year where there’s Peeps, Peeps, everywhere there’s Peeps! I’m not a big fan of eating Peeps by themselves but put them on a graham cracker with some chocolate…yes, please! With all the pretty colors, shapes, and flavors (the blue raspberry is especially good), it’s hard to remember Peeps are actually just marshmallows. What better to do with them than make s’mores?!

Microwaveable Peep S'mores -

March in the midwest means we haven’t had s’mores (more…)

10 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

10 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids -

I like doing crafts with Audrie (see Valentine’s Mailbox) and, lucky for me, she enjoys doing them too. Also, like me, she doesn’t like to repeat things so I’m always looking for new ideas. Here’s some fun Easter crafts I found as potential projects for this year. I’d show a picture of an Easter craft we’ve done in past years but, for the life of me, I can’t think of any of the ones we’ve done and I can’t find a single picture. This mom’s mind is slipping and I’m not great at saving pictures. I’ll do better this year (maybe, I make no promises).

The last one is for the baby to do. Love crafts that involve baby hand or foot prints. 🙂


Peeps Houses from Yesterfood (more…)

10 Easy Easter Cakes

I love getting creative with baking but, like meals, baking projects have to be easy. Preferably the sweets will look and taste like I spent all day in the kitchen working but, in reality, I want to spend as little time as possible.

10 Easy Easter Cakes - Simple Easter Dessert Creations -

Last year for Easter, I made this fun cake. It was e-a-s-y, turned out really cute, and was very delicious. I got the idea from this Happy Money Saver post.

10 Easy Easter Cakes - Simple Easter Dessert Creations -

I found these other simple and fun Easter cake ideas. I wouldn’t share anything I wouldn’t make myself and I wouldn’t make anything that was overly difficult so, believe me when I say, anyone is capable of making any of these Easter creations.